The Official Excel MVP Sandwich

On this blog, Saturday is Bacon recipe day. So no Excel tips and tricks today. Today we learn about bacon.


Yesterday, I was re-awarded the coveted title of Microsoft Excel MVP. I have to say that I’m a proud member of the Microsoft Excel MVP family. And what do people do to celebrate with family? They eat! 


Today, I’m going to take it upon myself to christen the official Microsoft Excel MVP sandwich.  I shall call it “The Sheet Sandwich”.


Hey…if Debra Dalgleish can create a Spreadsheet Day (a day dedicated to Excel), then I can most certainly create the Sheet Sandwich (the official sandwich of Excel users).


The Sheet Sandwich is made up of Bacon, cheese, and a seasoned chicken breast; nestled between two pieces of artisan bread.

I imagine at the next Spreadsheet Day celebration, we can all sit down as a family and eat Sheet Sandwiches. Yummy!

9 thoughts on “The Official Excel MVP Sandwich

  1. Blayne

    Could rename it to a Chicken Sheet Sandwich.
    Lose the chicken and call it a Pig Sheet Sandwich.
    Throw in some beef and call it a Cow Sheet Sandwich.

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