Support for Excel and Access 2003 Has Ended

I’m a little late on this, but Microsoft has announced that they will no longer provide support for Office 2003.

Those still using Excel or Access 2003 will no longer get: Assisted support, Online content updates, Software updates, or Security updates.

If you know of anyone who is still using Excel or Access 2003 give them a hug.

Notes on this picture:

  1. Found it online…can’t remember where.
  2. Office 2003 had some really nice feet.
  3. Apparently Office 2003 was a white man (who knew?)


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4 thoughts on “Support for Excel and Access 2003 Has Ended

  1. datapig

    Jon: When I bought a new computer three years ago, I installed Excel 2007 and 2010. I reluctantly let go of 2003.

    As much as any software can hold sentimental value, Excel 2003 does for me.

    Now look at what you’ve done! You’ve gone and made me cry!

  2. Douglas Penman

    I’m one of the poor souls still using Office 2003 (on Windows XP no less), because I work for a UK government department. The intended roll-out of Windows 7 and Office 2013 was announced over twelve months ago, but has not yet arrived, so the decision not to hold my breath has proved to be a good one. I will be eagerly awaiting my hug, although all things considered I’m not sure a hug is going to cut it…

  3. Debraj Roy

    crossing finger…
    Microsoft will not exclude Alt+E+S+V type short-cuts in next version..

    Please don’t do this.. I still have to search for the letter in the box.. when i press Alt + H.. 🙁

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