Observations from the Front

Hello everyone, I’m back at the helm.

I’ve been preparing to move the entire family to the New England area.

That’s right – we are leaving Texas. Mrs. Pig can’t stand another summer in the broiling heat, so we are packing our bags and heading east. Our official last day in the Lone Star state is July 13th.


I’ll be back to regular posts on Monday. I’ve got a ton of cool new things to show you.


But today, I’d like to take a moment to give you a couple of observations I’ve collected in the last couple of weeks while this blog has been silent.


1. Kids like Snow Cone Machines.

My daughter Emma had her 7th birthday on June 23rd. We got her a snow cone machine. As you can see in the picture, she took a shit in her pants. If you’ve got a little one about to have a birthday, I highly recommend this gift. $20 at Wal-Mart and they’ll love you forever.



2. Airlines Should Hide the Quick Reference Handbook.

I was taking a flight the other day when I looked into the cockpit. I learned a few things in one glance. First, I’m too fat to be a pilot. There isn’t a lot of room there. And what else….oh yes….airlines should probably hide the QUICK REFERENCE HANDBOOK. It doesn’t instill a load of confidence when I’m imagining the pilot steering the plane with his knees as he looks through the Quick Reference Handbook.



3. Crossing your Arms is IN.

If you’re going to take a picture, just know that it’s apparently cool to cross your arms. If you’re in a group photo, at least one person should cross arms.



4. Amazon Tries Hard to make Authors Feel Good

Every now and then I look into the rankings of my books on Amazon. I’ve noticed that it goes out of its way to rank books in the top 100 in SOME category. It doesn’t matter which.

As you can see, this book is ranked #55 the Network Protocols & API’s category.

Phew….thank god I’m doing well in the Network Protocol and API community. For a minute there I thought I was a loser.

I’m waiting for the day my book is ranked #6 in Nonfiction-Travel-Ireland-Horses-Industrial Glues and Adhesives.


More Tips and Tricks on Monday! You’ve got my permission to take tomorrow off.

4 thoughts on “Observations from the Front

  1. Mrs. Pig

    I can’t believe you posted this picture! She’s making that crosseyed face on purpose. Everyone will think she has a bum eye.

  2. tmiller

    So you took the gig at Delaware to get out of packing? Thanks for the great workshop and signing my macros book.

  3. uncle pig

    getting datapig’s autograph in your book actually de-values it…you should probably rip that page out when you decide to resell it…

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