New DataPig Dashboard Tools Free this Week

I’ve completed updating my Dashboard Tools Add-in to add a few new useful tidbits.

With the new features, you can create nifty infographics like this one:


Here are a few highlights of the new Dashboard Tools Add-in:

New InfoGraphic Shapes

I added new infographic shapes that feel a bit more modern.


New Map Shapes

I added a bunch of new map shapes

to the Infographics gallery.

These maps have been designed so that each State/Province can be formatted separately.

Simply click the State/Province you are interested in and then format as needed.

To format multiple shapes within the group, you can click on each individual shape while holding down the CTRL key.

For example, to recolor Texas, click on it and format as needed.

You also have the option of pulling a specific State/Province out of the map.

Click the State/Province, then press Ctrl+X on your keyboard.

Click your worksheet and press Ctrl+V to paste it separately.


New Vector Icons

I added a new group of shapes I call Vector Icons.

When you click the Vector Icons button, you will see a gallery of components that can be used as icons in your dashboards.

The neat thing is that these are formatted as drawing objects.

This means you can size, add shadows, add transparency, and generally use these icon components just as you would any other shapes you add to Excel.

In fact, you can think of these as another set of shapes you can use in Excel.

In celebration of me getting off my lazy ass and actually getting this add-in updated, I’m giving it away FREE until Saturday.

You have until midnight U.S. Central time on May 7th.

The offer to download this Add-in has expired.

But you can still get it for low price of $14.95.

Feel free to visit the Dashboard Tools product site to get the Add-In.

91 thoughts on “New DataPig Dashboard Tools Free this Week

  1. datapig Post author

    Sébastien: Thanks for the heads up. I removed the duplicate provinces. Redownload the Add-in to get the correction.

  2. Roger Govier

    Mike, yet again you have provided some absolutely great stuff here.
    Many thanks for making it freely available.
    This is a real time saver, and a great way to show your dashboard.

  3. Xylon Draganthus

    Point number 6 in your READ ME file has a typo, “LLCits” should be “LLC”, you typed “its” twice. And thanks for the Addon!

    “6. In no event shall DataPig Technologies LLCits, it’s suppliers, nor it’s managing representatives be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of use or data, or interruption of business, whether the alleged damages are labeled in tort, contract or indemnity.”

  4. Asif Arshed

    Useful as per current era requirements of data analysis. Really awesome.. 🙂

  5. Jomili


    Thanks so much for the hard work you’ve put in on this, and now giving it to us for free! I can’t wait to start working with it and seeing what all it can do! Thanks!

  6. Kim Mullins

    Thank you Mike! I created a simple dashboard for a prospective employer, and use your Add-Ins to spice it up a bit. He was really impressed (hope he was impressed enough to give me the position with his firm!). But thanks to you I was confident enough to show my dashboard off , even thought I am truly a novice. Words can not adequately convey how you have boosted my self confidence and skill-set, when things have been really on the down side.
    Much appreciation!

  7. Pedro Paulo

    Thanks for the add in. Keep up the good work!
    Obrigado pelo add in. Continue o bom trabalho!

  8. Marquita Patton

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you very much for the free Dashboard Tools download… awesome!

  9. Xylon Draganthus

    I noticed an issue, I can’t copy a vector graphic from one spreadsheet to another.

  10. Xylon Draganthus

    I noticed an issue, I can’t copy a vector graphic from one file to another.

  11. Garry

    Huge thank Mike for making this available. It’s a well-thought-out and very useful tool.

    One question (for the rookie in me) – when distributing a dashboard designed with this tool, do dashboard viewers need to have the add-in installed?

    much thanks,

  12. TonyFNQ

    Excellent …….Shapes are very modern.

    ps: Australia map – Australia is made up of states as well…….

  13. Shawn Price

    I was unable to get to the site to download yesterday, so bummed that i missed it. I really wanted to get these.

  14. Arthur Rothberg

    Your toolbar is checked as an add-in; however, the tab doesn’t appear in the ribbon in Excel 2016

  15. Jess

    Oooh I can’t believe I missed this–looks like a beautiful tool! I’ll have to stay more current on my email digests.

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