I wanted to give you an update on the world of DataPig.


I’ve currently been preparing to move on to a new job. This means I’ve been busy training others to do what I do (which is like Richard Feynman teaching my dad all he knows about physics).


I’ve also been trying to get a new book project off the ground with another famous Excel MVP. The topic will be around SQL Server and PowerPivot Reporting with Excel.


And of course, I’ve been working on the new schedule of Live Bootcamp and Workshop training events (I’ll have the schedule out by this weekend).

This year, we will do:

  • Xcelsius Advanced Developer Workshop (Miami) (April)
  • Excel Dashboards and Reports Bootcamp (Chicago) (May)
  • Excel and Access Power User Workshop (Chicago) (May)
  • Xcelsius Advanced Developer Workshop (Virginia) (September)
  • Excel SQL Server and PowerPivot Reporting (Dallas) (TBD).

I’ll post at least one mind blasting trick this week.

Until then, keep it spicy.

2 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Linda

    Thanks for you blog & website. I can’t begin to tell you how much it has helped me. I meet you at one of your Xcelsius trainings in Dallas and begged you for a macro for combining worksheets from differend workbooks. BTW, that macro is still alive and strong! Hope to see you when you go to Dallas again!

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