Lazy Summer Update

Hey there….remember me? I’ve been having a lazy summer; cooking my obscene body in the hot South Carolina sun. I’ll be back with regular posts next week. I just wanted to get this update out.


New Book in August

Dick Kusleika and I wrote an Excel Formulas book. This book is for anyone who wants to jump head first into formulas. Here, we offer step-by-step instructions for creating and using 101 of the most commonly requested formulas. We include tips, tricks and detailed explanations along with actual working formulas. This is targeted at beginning to intermediate Excel users. Feel free to click on the book to see more details.



The Next Excel Business Intelligence Boot Camp

I’ve been getting a ton of emails asking when the next Excel Business Intelligence Boot Camp will be held. I have an answer. April 21 – April 23 in Dallas, Texas. At this event, we’ll cover dashboards, visualizations, Excel’s Power BI tools, and much more. I’ll have more info on that in a future post.



If You Can’t Wait for the Boot Camp

If you can’t wait for the next Excel BI boot camp, then do the next best thing. Pick up the book at Amazon. It has an excellent plot and it’s based on a true story.



A Random Summer Song to Finish out the Week

This song is about riding on the back of a Jet-Ski with an orangutan.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Summer Update

  1. Jeff Weir

    Mike: that is one hilarious album. He’s also got another album of sound bites on that site called Who Charted. This guy I like!

  2. datapig

    Jeff: He’s got a podcast called Who Charted. You can get it on iTunes. It’s where I get all the latest pop culture trivia.

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