Blog Envy

Over the last couple of days, all the major Excel bloggers have treated us to the virtual version of ‘Who has a bigger one’.

That is, they all have posts comparing site visits and blog stats. Here are the links:

Daily Dose of Excel
Pointy Haired Dilbert
PTS Blog
The Spreadsheet Page

I must admit that I have blog envy. My blog is new and pure like a little baby Jesus. So in the game of testosterone blog stats, I’m hung like a light switch.

Let’s face it – I weigh more than my site visits. And the only bounce back I’m getting is the check I sent to my ISP.

So I have a plan. I’m going to stir up a controversy of some sort to drive up my stats.

Maybe I can accuse someone of stealing an idea of mine. I’m pretty sure that Jon Peltier stole my designs for what I like to call a “Pie Chart”.

Better yet, I can actually steal an idea……wait……I do that all the time.

Any ideas for a controversial post? I’m looking for something juicy that will drive up my stats.

Bonus points if it involves a celebrity and hotel soap.

17 thoughts on “Blog Envy

  1. jeffrey weir

    From Steven Few’s new book: “Playfair invented the bar graph, was the first to use line graphs to represent change through time, and , on one of his off days, invented the pie chart”.

    Don’t be envious…your blog has had expontential growth. I understand you’re up 10 readers just this week, to 11 total. Congrats.

  2. Chandoo

    Trust Mike to comeup with something witty.

    I must clarify that I never intended to start the ‘Who has a bigger one’ on the excel blogosphere. We are too cool a lot to have such miserable fun. But alas, the meme was picked up by almost everyone.

    “Any ideas for a controversial post? I’m looking for something juicy that will drive up my stats. ”

    I think you can stir the whole thing by saying all these numbers are cooked up 😛 or you can always try something involving Paris Hilton.

  3. Jon Peltier

    Jeffrey – That’s my favorite line so far from Steve’s book.

    Mike – Why did you automatically assume the worst? Do you know us well enough to judge our intentions? Um, well, even so, why did you automatically state the worst?

    I’m cancelling my subscription, so now you’re back to 10.

  4. jamescox

    Don’t give in to the dark side of the force!

    Take the high road and create a contest with a prize – maybe to write a macro that will Yoda-ize any arbritary sentence? (“Get more readers you will!”)

    Of course, I claim a duplicate prize for coming up with the idea of a contest, as well as making the first contest idea submission…

  5. DataPig

    Jon: Are you implying that I’m accusing you of stealing something that is already common practice?

    Well….ok. If you change the name to ‘Pie Busters’, I’ll be satisfied.

  6. Dan

    Your RSS feed link doesn’t work. I’ll come back and check you out some other time.

  7. DataPig

    Jeffrey and Dan: I’m working to get this RSS feed fixed. I don’t know exactly how to start up a comments feed, but I can figure that out.

  8. Jim Cone

    re jamescox idea to have a contest…

    You could get thousands of respondents if you were to offer an autographed program from the upcoming MJ memorial service as the prize.

  9. jamescox

    Um, Jim – exactly whose autograph were you suggesting would be on the program? I didn’t know Excel had a spirit writing add-in….

  10. Jim Cone

    Re: “Um, Jim” from jamescox

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”
    is a phrase often credited to P.T. Barnum (1810 – 1891), an American showman. It is generally taken to mean that there are (and always will be) a lot of gullible people in the world.

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