Happy Spreadsheet Day

It’s October 17th, which means it’s Spreadsheet Day! Today is the day we all celebrate Excel and take a moment to think about how Excel has made our lives better.


Spreadsheets are used by lots of people in many different ways. The best thing about spreadsheets is that you don’t even have to be smart to use them.


For example, here’s a 10 minute video of some douchebag who loses $500 playing on-line Craps. Even he tracks all his play on……you guessed it……a spreadsheet.


If you have time, watch for the whole 10 minutes. It’s hilarious how he devolves into a steaming pile of shame. He really starts falling apart at about 5 minutes in.

The best part is when he opens the spreadsheet at the end to catalog his losses, then proceeds to let us know that he’s available for Craps coaching.



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