Getting Rid of Ugly Page Break Lines

Have you ever sent an Excel report out to your audience just to find out that it prints on 20 pages? To avoid that embarrassment, I routinely adjust the page breaks on my reports so that users don’t have to kill 10 trees each time they print.

Unfortunately, each time I adjust page breaks, Excel tries to do me a favor and adds an annoying line to my report (supposedly to remind me of where my page breaks are).

Here’s an example. Let’s adjust the page breaks on this sheet.


All I’m doing is clicking Page Break Preview, and then

dragging the blue box to where I want my page break.


Now look at weird line Excel draws. Annoying!


There are two ways to get rid of these page breaks.

You can go to Excel Options. Under the Advanced tab, there is a section called “Display options for this worksheet”.

There, you will find a checkbox next to Show page breaks. Uncheck that and press the OK button.


If you’re a hot-shot VBA kind of person, you can use the VBE Immediate window to remove the page breaks.

Simply enter Activesheet.DisplayPageBreaks = False then press enter.


Unfortunately, both of these techniques solves the Page Break issue for only that one worksheet.

There is no setting (that I know of) that inhibits Page Breaks for the entire workbook.

3 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Ugly Page Break Lines

  1. Lynda Maynard

    If you want to make it your future default for entire workbooks: Make one template workbook file with one worksheet, named Book.xltx and one template workbook file with one worksheet, named Sheet.xltx and put them both in your Xlstart folder. Apply this option to the worksheet in each of these files AFTER doing a Page Break Preview. I found out that if I had the option set first, saved, then opened a new file based on the templates, Excel “helpfully” reset it for me. Setting it *after* the Page Break Preview has stayed put through 4 new files based on the templates so far this morning…

    Still won’t do entire OPW’s (Other People’s Workbooks), but it’s a start…

  2. Seb

    I personally added a toggle button to my QAT with the following code:

    Sub TogglePageBreaks()

    Dim bDisplay As Boolean
    Dim wks As Worksheet

    bDisplay = Not ActiveSheet.DisplayPageBreaks

    For Each wks In ActiveWorkbook.Windows(1).SelectedSheets
    wks.DisplayPageBreaks = bDisplay

    End Sub

    Chris, I gave you my vote. Hopefully Mike’s other 12 fans will do it too.


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