Excel Meme Contest

I’ve got some extra books on my shelf that I want to get rid of.

I’ve decided to give them away as prizes in an Excel meme contest.


The rules are simple.

  1. Create a meme that has something to do with Excel or Spreadsheets.
  2. Email your meme to me with the subject line: Excel Meme Contest
  3. Submit as many as you’d like.
  4. Try to keep the memes “safe for work” ; in other words family friendly
  5. Submit all memes by April 16th.
  6. I’ll pick three winners with the funniest memes. I’ll share the winning memes here.

Email your memes to mha105 at Yahoo.com


Each winner will win these Two Books. That’s right; you can win not one, but two books.


Don’t know what an Excel Meme is?

I’ve created a few Excel Memes to get you in the spirit of things.

Feel free to pass these around the office.







Let hilarity begin.

6 thoughts on “Excel Meme Contest

  1. Jeeped

    I found this site called answers.microsoft.com. Now they do all my work for me and everyone in my office thinks I am a genius.

  2. Doris Choo

    Hey Mike, I love learning materials, I keep them as reference books. I do not want free. Pls sell to me half price, include shipping. Can send to me via slow mail, no rush. I live in Mississauga, Ontario.
    If you have DVD version, is even better. I take it as well. Email me the bill, thanks????
    Doris Choo

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