Excel Against Humanity

April Fools is coming up, but it falls on a weekend.

So instead a post about pranking your co-workers, I thought I’d give you guys a fun way to spend your Friday.

I pulled together an Excel version of the game Cards Against Humanity.

This game is basically Mad Libs in card form. All players get a shared Question card, and they have to put down the funniest Answer card.

For example:


I pulled this game into Excel allowing you to play solo.

Simple macros drive it.

You can refresh the Question and Answer cards, as well as take a snapshot if something tickles your funny bone.


It’s surprisingly entertaining. You’ll find yourself spending a good bit of time trying to roll funny combinations.



The real Cards Against Humanity game is dirty – very dirty.

I scrubbed away most of the really egregious filth to make this Excel version relatively safe for work.

I said R E L A T I V E L Y….

Download it Here and have fun.

I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy getting fired.

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