Excel 5-Minute Challenge Update

The Excel 5-Minute Challenge is underway, and I’ve received one video so far.

Don’t know about the Excel 5-Minute Challenge? Click here to find out.

It would be a shame for all these prizes to go unclaimed.


Pep-talk Time:

Take chance and pull

together a quick video. You’ll be happy.

See this lady? She’s soooo happy. Why?

Because she just submitted her 5-Minute Challenge video.

She says “My life has changed since submitting my video. I’m no longer considering suicide, and I’m more fulfilled than ever. I am Excel and you can too!”


Need more motivation?

Well, here’s a new offering from Jordan Goldmeier (Excel.tv).

Jordan and his team have stood up their first annual Excel Dashboard Pro Course.

This course includes 60+ lessons covering everything from Fundamental Dashboard Techniques to Building Professional Interactive Excel Dashboards.

Right now, Jordan is giving away (FREE!) the first three videos in this series.

  • 3 Awesome Benefits of Building Dashboards With Excel
  • Rookie Dashboard Mistakes That Even the Experts Miss
  • Excel Dashboard Questions Answered

To get the free videos and to check out more details about the full Excel Dashboard Pro Course click the image below.


And remember, you’ve got one more week to submit your Excel 5-Minute Challenge entry.

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