Enable Double-Click and Right-Click with the Essbase Add-in

Last week, Dick Kusleika and I conducted some training for the good folks at TD Ameritrade. While training, some of the folks found that Excel wasn’t responding when double-clicking or right-clicking the mouse. As most of us know, there are plenty of shortcuts and productivity gains to be leveraged in Excel with the mouse. But these folks weren’t able to do any of those mouse actions.


It turns out the issue was the Essbase Add-in.

Essbase is the tool most finance departments use to easily port financial data into Excel. By default, Essbase highjacks the standard double-click and right-click for its own purposes. Essbase does this to give their users mouse-driven ways to perform some of the actions that are already in the Essbase menu.


If you’re using the Essbase Add-in, you can reclaim the double-click and right-click mouse actions by going to the Essbase Options dialog box, then clicking on the Global tab. There, you will see the Mouse Actions section.


Uncheck the Enable Secondary Button option to reclaim Right-Click.

Uncheck the Enable Double-Clicking option to reclaim Double-Click.


At this point, all normal mouse actions will return to Excel.

13 thoughts on “Enable Double-Click and Right-Click with the Essbase Add-in

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    Sentimos falta de suas postagens, por favor não nos abandone!


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  2. Dolly Sheth

    Thanks a ton ! I have been getting frustrated with this issue for a long time, as it restricted the ease to use the mouse functions.

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