An Interview with Debra Dalgleish

It’s summer time and blog readership will be down. So I’m saving my good Excel and Access tricks for later. Right now, I m continuing a series called ‘Road of the Excel Bastards’.

This is my take on a series called Road of the Excel Masters started a long time ago by Excel MVP, Colo. In his series, he would interview Excel gurus, asking them Excel related questions.

In my version, I’m asking questions that have nothing to do with Excel. Let’s get to know our Excel gurus through the prism of 10 stupid questions.


Today’s Excel Bastard is Debra Dalgleish!


Here is Debra about to throat chop an unsuspecting victim.


Debra is the Canadian purveyor of one of the most outstanding Excel sites out there,, and a published author of several Excel books. What can I say about Debra? On the surface, she looks like a very serious person, but she is really just a kid at heart, up for anything fun and interesting. I bet I could talk her into ringing on doorbells then running away.


Here is my ground-breaking interview with Debra Dalgleish, Excel Guru.


DataPig: What’s your favorite thing in your refrigerator right now?

Debra: Beef tenderloin and champagne. Oh, never mind, they’re gone now.

It’s late – so Debra just whipped up a quick tenderloin and champagne meal…nothing fancy.



DataPig: Red Shirt or Blue?

Debra: No preference – please send either colour.



DataPig: How many hats do you have?

Debra: Author, blogger, consultant, mom, annoying friend….too many hats to count.

Good news – there IS a hat made specifically for annoying book-writing moms who own their own consulting business.

Here it is.



DataPig: Who plays your role in a movie about Excel?

Debra: Chuck Norris

Yeah…that makes sense.



DataPig: Which Superpower do you want: Invisibility, Flight, Strength, or Mind Reading?

Debra: Afraid of heights, no point in lifting things, can already read minds, so that leaves invisibility. Could be fun.



DataPig: What’s the title of your autobiography?

Debra: Of Mice and Men



DataPig: Who do you like better, Tom or Jerry?

Debra: Ben.



DataPig: What’s the most important part of the sandwich?

Debra: The right amount of salt



DataPig: What’s the Best thing you ever ate?

Debra: A tossed salad. I know – I’m surprised too.



DataPig: What’s the Worst thing you ever ate?

Debra: Crow.

7 thoughts on “An Interview with Debra Dalgleish

  1. Debra Dalgleish

    Thanks Mike, and that shirt looks awesome! In fact, I might have worn it in the 70s.
    @Doug, thanks! And you’re right — Mike obviously isn’t too good with animals.

  2. ikkeman

    Is it weird that this had me laughing – do you excel MVP’s have some communal group sessions I could attend?

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