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The Excel world is all abuzz with PowerPivot. PowerPivot is an add-in available in Excel 2010 and 2013 that allows you to connect and analyze impossibly large volumes of data in a PivotTable environment. Built on years of SQL Analysis Services technology, PowerPivot is fast becoming a requirement of any Excel Analyst’s skillset.


PowerPivot allows you to:

  • Connect multiple tables of data and set up relationships between them. This alleviates the need for lookup functions (like VLookup) which can be cumbersome on grand scales.
  • Analyze your data via PowerPivot pivot tables, creating your own custom calculated analysis with DAX formulas.
  • Create dashboards from very large datasets utilizing report slicers, time line slicers and conditional formatting.

Over the next year or so, you’ll encounter PowerPivot more frequently, as organizations start adopting it as the engine for data analysis and dashboarding. If you haven’t started getting familiar with PowerPivot, you should start now.


How do you get started? Well, here are a few ways to get up and going with PowerPivot.


Read Books:

There are several Excel-Analyst-Friendly books that cover the topic of PowerPivot and its capabilities. I highly recommend these books.

Click on each book to learn about them on Amazon.



Visit PowerPivot Blogs

The premiere source for me is Rob Collie’s excellent PowerPivot Pro blog.



Take Online Courses

Chandoo is the king of online Excel courses.

His courses are video-based and are great for anyone who learns best at their own pace.

He provides excellent sample files and covers every Excel topic with amazing originality and completeness.

Chandoo has a brand new PowerPivot course offering.

Registration opens Today!



Take Live Excel Courses

Live training events are an awesome way to absorb Excel knowledge from a diverse group of people. Not only is the instructor feeding you techniques, but the lively discussions during the class are a wealth of ideas and new tips you never even thought of. If you thrive in the energy of Live training events, then consider attending my

Excel Power Analyst Bootcamp (Dallas Texas May15th – May 17th)

The topics presented during this boot camp will introduce you to advanced techniques that will help you:

  • Go beyond basic analysis with advanced PivotTables techniques
  • Learn how to create advanced dashboards with PowerPivot and PowerView
  • Create powerful dashboards with interactive data modeling methods
  • Gain power and flexibility by integrating Excel with SQL Server
  • Leverage VBA to create automated reporting mechanisms



Whatever your learning style may be, there are plenty of resources to choose from.

Happy learning!

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