Access 2013 Bible in Stores on Monday

I’ve been suffering a flu that one of my kids infected me with; no doubt passed to me by coughing into my mouth. I’ve come to the conclusion that children are walking petri dishes.


Anyway – I’m back from the brink of death and I want to share a couple of things before heading into the weekend.


Another Live Excel Training Event in October
The Dallas Power Analyst Boot Camp sold out in record time. All seats have been filled ; thanks to everyone who signed up.

Because this event was filled up so fast, I’m considering adding another event in October. Maybe I can get one of the other MVPs to do it with me.

What city should I go to? (Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, any others)?


The Access 2013 Bible Hits Stores and Amazon on Monday!

Dick Kusleika (of Daily Dose of Excel fame) wrote the Access 2013 Bible with me. I’d like to say we knocked this out over a couple of beers like men. Sadly, the truth is uglier. We were both alone in our own houses (probably at 2am in black socks and white boxers) feverishly trying to get a few pages at a time done before stumbling to our day jobs. DK and I tackled this book over the course of about 5 months.


I know I’m biased, but I truly think that this version of the Access Bible is the best in the series. We reorganized the chapters, we added a bunch of new content, and Wiley added a new (very efficient) layout.


Consider picking it up if you want to advance your skill-set to encompass database design, application development, or integrating Excel and Access.

This book is fun for the whole family.


I’ll be back on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Access 2013 Bible in Stores on Monday

  1. Corey

    I’m with Geof. Definitely Atlanta. I’m certain I could get 4-5 people to attend.

  2. Andy

    Another vote for Portland! I’d be able to bring 4-5 members of my data crew with me.

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