Lock Slicers Before Sending Out your Dashboards

Last week, I hosted my Power BI Boot Camp here in Dallas. The folks that attended were seriously one of the best crowds I’ve met. Lots of great discussion about the new era of Power BI and data science. I even learned a few new tips from some of the attendees.

Here’s a quick tip I didn’t know.

A young fella named King taught us how to lock the positioning of slicers so users can’t accidently move them around. If you right-click your slicer and

select Slicer Size and Properties, you’ll see the Position and Layout section. Expanding this section will reveal a checkbox called ‘Disable resizing and moving’.

Placing a check here essentially locks your slicer into place.

Users can select items in the slicer, but won’t be able to move or resize it.

How have I never seen this setting?

Excellent tip King – Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Lock Slicers Before Sending Out your Dashboards

  1. Alex Powers

    All this time and it was right there waiting to be expanded under Position and Layout. Goes to show the more you find out about Excel the less you know!

  2. Roger Govier

    Gee, that’s a great tip Mike.
    Like you I had never seen that before, as I had never expanded the Task Pane to show all of the features.
    There are a few other things that you get when you expand everything, that I also had not noticed before regarding
    Lock aspect ratio
    Relative to original picture size

    Move and Size with cells
    Move but don’t resize with cells
    Don’t move or size with cells
    Lock Text

  3. Sandra

    Thank you – very helpful. Is there a way to only allow one slicer to be chosen when posting Interactive Excel spreadsheet on website? I believe you can do this in Power Pivot but is there a way without using Power Pivot?

  4. Max

    Fantastic Tip – This is just what I needed to complete and polish off my dashboard – Awesome!

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