Excel Dashboard Color Scheme Selector

I recently stumbled upon Josh Tapley’s nifty Color Picker for Xcelsius dashboards. In his post, Josh says:

“Many times I have seen themes that I like on Adobe’s Kuler and ColourLovers.com only to find out that they don’t translate well to graph format.”

I completely agree! Being one who’s more than willing to steal brilliant ideas, I thought I’d try replicating Josh’s color picker in Excel.

I created an Excel workbook that allows you to

cycle through a set of color schemes to find one that suits your dashboard. Once you have one you like, simply note the RGB values in cells M2:M6, or click the Capture Colors button to have the colors added to your Recently Used Colors panel.


I even added a table where you can edit the color schemes with stolen your own HEX color combinations.

I’m sure there is a way to programmatically create a new theme based on the chosen colors, but I’m too lazy to figure that out right now.

I left all the code in the workbook open for your reading pleasure.

Feel free to download the Color Scheme Selector workbook.

Happy coloring!

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