Getting Rid of the Stubborn AutoFill Options Menu

Here’s a bit of Excel trivia for you.

The other day, I was filling in a series of numbers (type in two numbers, select the two numbers, and then drag the fill handle down to fill a series), when I noticed something I hadn’t paid attention to before. The Autofill Options menu (that icon you get when you fill a series) doesn’t respond to any of the usual actions you would take to make something go away.

I pressed the Escape key.

It wouldn’t go away.

I switched to another sheet and came back.

It wouldn’t go away.

I pressed F2 and Esc.

I wouldn’t go away.


Naturally, being the Excel nerd I am, I set out to experiment and list some of the actions that make this stubborn menu disappear.

  1. You can close your workbook then reopen it. Seriously? Not event an option.
  2. You can start typing anywhere in the sheet. This one seems obvious, but I don’t like the idea of needing to type something just to make a menu disappear.
  3. You can zoom out then back in. I guess that’s a bit better than typing, but it still seems like a waste. Why would I ever zoom to get rid of a menu?
  4. You can click in the formula bar. Easy enough. You still have to click in the formula bar then out again, but this option is better than zooming.
  5. The best option I’ve found is to click any of the lines between columns or rows. This is a quick one-click action. Simply hover your mouse over any of the lines separating column letters or row numbers, then click the mouse when your cursor turns into a cross.


It would be so much better if a simple press of the Escape key worked.

Anyway…time to do some real work.

4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the Stubborn AutoFill Options Menu

  1. simlaoui

    nice tips.
    thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    just a gotsha for the comment of MF; if yoy type F2 you will get rid and also you will have the first cell selected. and this can help if you have a large range.
    kind regarts.

  2. PizzaGuy

    One more option is to just remove it completely by going to Options->Advanced->Cut, copy, and paste

    Once you are there you can uncheck “Show Paste Options button when content is pasted”.

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