Even the brightest analysts often have skill gaps that prevent them from effectively using the full potential
of the tools readily available to them. Our courses are designed to target those skill gaps and help intermediate to advanced Excel and Access users take the next step in their learning. The topics presented in our training modules will sharpen skills and introduce analysts to advanced techniques that will save hours of work and increase productivity.

On-Site Training

Let us come to you. 
We provide custom tailored training at your location personally presented by Microsoft recognized MVPs with years of real-world experience.  Whether your training needs revolve around Excel Analysis, Microsoft Access, Database Management, or Business Intelligence Dashboarding, our instructors are fully equipped to meet your needs.

We have provided training for these organizations and more:


After speaking with you, we present you with a menu of 4-hour blocks of training.  Simply select the specific modules you need and we'll do the rest.

Our training is one flat fee per person/ per day, making it easy to plan and budget for.

For more information, contact me:

mha105 at yahoo.com
1+ 214.578.2141