About the Excel Explosion Add-in
The DataPig Excel Explosion Add-in is a utility that helps you quickly and easily split your data into separate workbooks or separate tabs. Whether you need to create a separate file for each sales rep, or a new tab for each location, DataPig Excel Explosion will do the trick in seconds.
Stop wasting time copying and pasting data manually. Let DataPig Excel Explosion to do the work for you.

When the Add-in has been successfully installed, a Group named Excel Explosion will appear on the Data tab of the Excel ribbon.  In this group, you see an Explode command. Pressing this command will activate the Excel Explosion dialog box.

Note:  This Add-in will work with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 for both 32 and 64 bit (PC only). We don't have a MAC version at this time.

Split your Data into Separate Tabs

You can start with the data you need to explode out. For instance, this data needs to be exploded into a separate tab for each Market.

Go to the Data tab and click the Explode command to activate the Excel Explosion dialog box.

This brings up the intuitive Excel Explosion dialog box.  Here, you simply tell it what you want to do.

1. Select Range: Click the reference button and select the entire Range of your data.

2. Select Explode Column: Click the reference button and select the column you want to explode by.

3. Select an Output Type (New Tabs or New Files).

4. Optional: You can choose to sort tabs alphabetically after explosion.

5. Optional: You can enter a description to be added to the title of each exploded tab.
     Optional:  You can choose to convert the output ranges to Excel Tables.
     Optional:  You can choose to carry source formulas over to the output ranges.
     Optional:  You can choose to keep source formatting (including Conditional Formatting).

6. Press the Explode Now button.

In a few seconds, your workbook will be populated with a new tab for each data item in your chosen Column (chosen in Step 2).

Each tab is automatically output with a nicely formatted table consisting of only the data for the output data item.

Split your Data into Separate Workbooks
Instead of creating tabs in the current workbook, you can choose to explode your data into separate workbooks.  Simply select 'New Files' as the output type (in step 3 above) and Excel Explosion will automatically create files in a directory of your choice.

Exploding Access and SQL Server Data
The Excel Explosion Add-in can be used to explode any data set you have on a sheet. This includes Access, SQL Server, or any external data you bring in via a data connection. If the data is on a sheet, you can explode it out to separate tabs or workbooks with Excel Explosion.  

New to connecting external database data to Excel sheets?  Don't worry, the instruction manual included with this Add-in provides instructions on how to connect to Access or SQL data.

Automating Excel Explosion via VBA
The Excel Explosion Add-in can now be called with VBA code to automate the splitting of tables into separate tabs or separate files.  Sample code is provided in the  instruction manual to get you started with your own VBA procedure.  
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