About the DataPig Dashboard Tools Add-in
The DataPig Dashboard Tools is an Excel Add-in that helps you quickly and easily create stylized graphics for your dashboard, find viable color schemes, and create dashboard mock ups.

With the components found in the DataPig Dashboard Tools Add-in, you can easily add highly stylized components to your dashboards and reports. And because the components in this Add-in use the native Shapes found in Excel, they are completely customizable.

When the Add-in has been successfully installed, a Group named DataPig Dashboard Tools will appear on the Insert tab of the Excel ribbon.  In this group, you will see four galleries: Info Graphics, Capture Color, Customize Percents, Mockup Tools, and Vector Icons.

Note:  This Add-in will work with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 for both 32 and 64 bit (PC only). We don't have a MAC version at this time.

Info Graphics Components
When you click the Info Graphics button, you will see a gallery of all the available info graphics.
Simply select the graphic you want and it will immediately show up on your spreadsheet.

The component that populates your form is simply a collection of shapes that are grouped. This gives you the ability to fully customize and link your Info Graphic to your data.

Actions you can take:
•Delete individual shapes
•Change Fill color
•Change font color and size
•Change outline color and thickness
•Apply Shadows
•Apply Gradients
•Send Shapes to Back/Front (Right-click and Bring to Front or Send to Back)
•Link Shapes to Cells

The Color Capture Tool
The purpose of this tool is to easily capture desirable color schemes from a screenshot, a photo, or from another dashboard. Simply click and hold the eye dropper icon; then while continuing to hold the left mouse button, drag across the screen to your desired color.

Once you have your desired color, click the Capture Color button in the dialog box to add that color to your Recent Colors panel for future use.

The Customize Percentages Tool
The purpose of this tool is to provide you with an enhanced set of options for formatting the percentages in your dashboard. Today, Excel gives you almost no built-in options for applying custom number formatting to percentages.

In five easy steps, you can add your own custom formatting.

1. Choose the colors to use for both positive and negative percentage numbers.
2. Choose the symbols to include in your percentage formatting.
3. Select the number of decimal places to show.
4. Select the range to apply the formatting.
5. Click the Apply button.

By going through these steps, you can take bland percentages and transform them into mini visualizations.

Here are a few examples of some of the formatting combinations you can easily create with this tool.

Dashboard Mockup Components
When you click the Mockup Tools button, you will see a gallery of dashboard mockup components that can be used pull together quick and dirty mockups.

When you mock-up a dashboard, you essentially build a “practice” dashboard to get a feel of what the components and layout will look like. Mockups give you and your client something tangible to look at and agree upon before diving into serious development work.
Simply select the mockup graphic you want and it will immediately show up on your spreadsheet. The idea is to insert various components from this section to build an electronic dashboard mockup you can use.

Vector Icons
When you click the Vector Icons button, you will see a gallery of components that can be used as icons in your dashboards.

These are formatted as drawing objects.  This means you can size, add shadows, add transparency, and generally use these icon components just as you would any other shapes you add to Excel.

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