Use Access to store data and analyze information, build reports, create applications, and more.  You'll start with the basics and work your way through detailed instruction on more advanced tools.

          •Get a solid grounding in database fundamentals
          •Use Access to analyze large amounts of data
          • Turn your data into attractive PDF-style reports and outputs
          • Automate redundant reporting and analysis using Access macros
          • Build powerful departmental applications with Access forms
          • Integrate or publish your data on SharePoint sites


Ramp up on Power Pivot and Power Query fast with this easy to read comprehensive view on all the amazing things you can do with Microsoft's new suite of BI tools.
Learn how to:
     •Create your own database right in Excel with Power Pivot
     •Make pivot tables that use multiple data sources
     •Scrape websites and import hard-to-reach data with Power Query
     •Simplify and automate data cleanup and transformation
     •Create your own powerful formulas and functions to go beyond simple data imports

A comprehensive review of a wide array of practical concepts to help you go from reporting data with simple tables full of dull numbers to presenting key information through the use of high-impact, meaningful reports and dashboards that will wow management both visually and substantively.

          •Report on Data in a way that is both visually attractive and effective
          •Use different perspectives to achieve better visibility into data
          •Slice data into various views on the fly
          •Automate redundant reporting and analysis processes
          •Walks create impressive dashboards and eye-catching visualizations

Inside you'll find step-by-step instructions for creating these VBA macros, which you can then customize for your applications. This book offers tips, tricks, and detailed explanations along with the actual Excel macros so you can see how they work and where they can be applied. You'll then be able to immediately implement the code and reuse it in other workbooks as you quickly become a macro pro.

          •Dynamically manipulate workbooks and worksheets
          •Write code to manage cell or range changes
          •Automate PivotTable features
          •Use VBA to simplify charting and dashboarding
          •Write macros to send e-mails directly from Excel

Use Excel 2013 pivot tables and pivot charts to produce powerful, dynamic reports in minutes instead of hours… understand exactly what’s going on in your business… take control, and stay in control! You’ll find simple, step-by-step instructions, real-world case studies, even complete, easy recipes for solving your most common business analysis problems.

          •Create, customize, and change your pivot tables and pivot charts
          •Transform gigantic data sets into crystal-clear summary reports
          •Quickly filter pivot tables using slicers and revamp analyses on the fly
          •Build dynamic self-service reporting systems your entire team can use
          •Use Power Pivot to create pivot tables from multiple data sources and worksheets
          •Work with and analyze OLAP data, and much more